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  • Pamela Yakelashek

Libra Season: Finding Balance ~ Include More Fun and Beauty Into Your Life

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

By Pamela Yakelashek

September 22, 2023

Libra Season 2023

Libra Season: September 23 ~ October 23, 2023

September 23 brings us the beginning of Libra season and the autumnal equinox. Day and Night come into balance as they sit equal with one another. We are reminded that there are always two sides, two possibilities, two truths, two directions; nothing exists in isolation; Balance. Welcome to Libra Season.

The Sun represents the center of Self, it is our experience, our life force, our spirit. As the Sun moves through Libra, we are invited to step into the essence that is Libra, to become it, learn from it, and to experience life through the Libra lens. We all have Libra alive within us, expressing itself in a different area of our lives depending on our birth chart.

Libra, symbolized by the scales, the 7th zodiac sign, an air sign, a cardinal sign, and is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty. Libra is all about justice, balance, and relating to others; happiest is when everyone and all situations are in harmony. Libra is where the self meets the other. Representing a lifelong journey of exploring and seeking balance between the self and others, and the self among others. Enhancing the beauty and pleasures of our human experiences through collaboration and partnership.

We are not alone on our journey of life, we can not do everything on our own. Although our journey is unique, others play an essential role in helping build our identity, providing us direction, and the opportunities and experiences to see and learn through the eyes of others. We need the support of others to be in harmony, we need partnership to allow us to continue to move forward. To be alive is to be in a relationship; with ourselves, one another, and with the world around us. We learn, grow, and evolve when we are engaged with others.

It is easier to read others before we are able to read ourselves. We distract ourselves from our actions, needs, and desires by putting others first. We need to come back to the self, tune into our own independent energy, connect with our desires, and stay true to our journey.

Is your life in balance? Let’s be honest, finding balance is really hard. Even the day and night hours don’t stay in balance. During this Libra season, take time to ensure that you have a balance between your commitments with others while still fulfilling your own needs. It is easy to drift from our own path onto another's. Searching for the boundaries that allow for us to remain on our journey and still nurture others is key for this Libra season. When we find this balance, we find harmony and become the leader, the peacemaker, the mediator we are meant to be for ourselves and others.

Are you living your truth? Or someone else's truth? It is important to strive to discover and live our truth. And truth is in the eyes of the beholder. When we live our truth we create beauty, an inner sense of peace and well-being. Libra season is about enjoying life and having fun. If we do not have beauty, fun, enjoyment in our lives, we are not living our truths, we are not living in balance; we are not on our soul’s path. When you are on your path, you feel awesome, you shine, you know you are a well-rounded person, and you continue to bring harmony to all.

This Libra season, take some time and ensure that you are living your truth, your balance, your beauty. Take the steps needed to continue to move forward on your soul's journey ♥️

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