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Enjoying Nature with Man's Best Friend!
Greece . . What more can I say
Homemade Christmas Chocolates - Yum Yum

Pamela's Story

A Cancer Sun, Taurus Moon, and Scorpio Rising—Pamela's astrological makeup tells a unique tale. In her ongoing journey, she has encountered both highs and lows, grappling with a persistent sense of emptiness. Pamela, known for her unconventional approach, reversed the typical life order: becoming a mother early, acquiring a house, marrying her best friend, establishing a successful career, and eventually obtaining her Bachelor's Degree.
Still sensing a void, Pamela discovered Astrology. Learning and applying these skills has deepened her understanding and set her on a quest to fill the missing pieces. Leaving her corporate career, she dedicated time to learn various energy and healing techniques, which have filled that emptiness. Now, Pamela shares this knowledge through social media posts, blogs, and services.

Family is at the heart of Pamela's life, defined by a resilient 20-year marriage, her exceptional adult son, and her beloved dog, Jax. Pamela finds joy in baking and delights in spoiling her family and friends with her creations. Additionally, travel, the arts, and spending time in nature bring happiness to Pamela and her husband.

Enjoying the Sunshine in a big chair
Date Night - Sleigh Ride in the Mountains
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