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Heartfelt Liberation: Unleashing Your Inner Child's Roar Under the Leo Full Moon

Updated: Jan 20

Allow your inner lion to roar with authenticity, courage, and the wild beauty of your true self. Dance in your own radiance, allowing the universe to witness the majesty of your heart's brilliance.

Leo ~ playful spirit within our hearts.
Leo Full Moon ~ January 25, 2024

Kicking off 2024 with the Leo Full Moon in the midst of Aquarius Season creates a celestial stage for a fusion of authenticity and self-discovery. Aquarius inspires a collective shift towards embracing our true selves, while Leo, under the Sun's rule, directs our attention to our inner child, urging us to recognize our core and reconnect with the playful spirit within our hearts.

Under the vibrant light of this Leo Full Moon, the cosmic stage is set for a dynamic spectacle. The fiery energy radiating from Leo encourages boldness and passion, urging us to channel this intensity into purposeful action. As the moon reaches its peak, there's a palpable sense of drama in the air. The potential for outbursts and spontaneous expressions of emotion is heightened, creating an atmosphere akin to a pressure cooker on the brink of releasing its built-up tension.

Under the enchanting influence of the Leo Moon, we find the strength to shed layers that dim our radiance, embarking on a transformative journey of self-discovery to uncover passions and express our authentic essence. The Leo Full Moon inspires us to embrace the brightest aspects of ourselves, urging us to dismiss any fear of rejection. Instead, it imparts the wisdom of fiercely loving ourselves, emphasizing the profound and transformative power of that love in shaping not only our personal world but the world around us.

Leo, the majestic lion of the zodiac, encompasses a spectrum of qualities, from the highs of leadership, compassion, vulnerability, strength, and love to the lows that may manifest as pride or a desire for recognition. As the ruling energy behind this Full Moon, Leo encourages us to center our focus on the truth of the heart. Embracing this truth demands both courage and vulnerability, recognizing that it's not always easy to heed the call of our hearts. Our minds may counter with alternative plans, attempting to convince us that they offer a safer option, unveiling the dual nature of Leo's energy.

Leo Full Moon ~ Attune to the Heart
Leo Full Moon ~ Heart's Guiding Light

Heart's Guiding Light

Amidst this Full Moon, it's crucial to prioritize the guidance of the heart and heed its lead, especially when the path ahead appears uncertain. Permit yourself to attune to the heart's wisdom by tapping into your emotions, trusting that within them lie the answers you've sought all along. This lunar phase extends an invitation to fully embrace the regal energy of Leo and allow the truth of your heart to serve as a steadfast compass guiding you through the journey that unfolds before you.

Nurturing the heart requires more than mere acknowledgment; active listening is key. Yet, following the heart's guidance may stir vulnerability within. Unlike the clarity of organized spreadsheets that offer a straightforward decision-making path, the heart is intricate, messy, and occasionally illogical. It encompasses the entire emotional spectrum—from pain and regret to joy, love, compassion, and gratitude.

To enhance the positive vibes of the heart, one must be open to embracing its entirety, encompassing both light and shadow. Opening our hearts means confronting every emotion, including those that may evoke fear, vulnerability, or shame. Leo, with its regal wisdom, teaches us to muster courage and strength to stand up for ourselves. It underscores our ability to approach any aspect within ourselves with love and compassion. The lesson from Leo is crystal clear: the journey of leading from the heart commences with a profound understanding of its complete depths.

Under the radiant Leo Full Moon, mindfulness practices, such as meditation and deep breathing, become exceptionally powerful. The moon's brilliance extends an invitation to cultivate a profound awareness of the present moment, aligning the rhythm of the heart with the cosmic cadence. This luminous guidance not only illuminates the path to inner peace but also tunes the heart to the tranquil energy of the Leo Full Moon, fostering a harmonious symphony within.

Leo Full Moon ~ Grant Permission
Leo Full - Unleashing Your Inner Child's Radiance

Unleashing Your Inner Child's Radiance

Under the captivating spell of the Full Moon in Leo, grant permission for your inner child to emerge, regardless of whether it surfaces wounds associated with love, approval, or courage. This lunar phase encourages a playful and uninhibited exploration of your authentic self, invoking the spirited essence of your youth.

Embrace the vulnerabilities and tender spots that may arise, understanding that the Full Moon's radiant glow is a nurturing force. It's an opportune time to heal and soothe any lingering wounds from the past, particularly those tied to themes of love, seeking approval, and summoning courage. Leo's regal energy provides a supportive backdrop, urging you to approach these aspects with the same courage and strength it embodies.

In the playground of the Leo Full Moon, rekindle the joy, creativity, and wonderment of your inner child. Allow yourself to dance freely beneath the moonlight, shedding the weight of inhibitions. By honoring the vulnerabilities that surface, you embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing, guided by the compassionate light of Leo.

As the Full Moon's brilliance washes over you, envision your inner child basking in the lunar glow, finding solace and joy in the present moment. Let the playful spirit within you lead the way, fostering a deeper connection with the heart's truth and an exploration of the healing power that resides in embracing your inner child.

Cosmic Showdown: Full Moon Dance with Jupiter's Challenge and Pluto's Transformation

During this Full Moon, an energetic collaboration with Jupiter in Taurus takes center stage, forming a square aspect. Squares, known for causing friction and tension, signal a phase of challenge that paves the way for breakthroughs. Jupiter, the planet of expansion, luck, and abundance, introduces an element of resistance around areas in your life requiring growth.

The Full Moon's message is clear: it urges you to step boldly into your brilliance, claiming the space and power you rightfully deserve. Take a moment to identify where you might be holding back. Are there aspects of your life where expansion and empowerment feel resisted? This Full Moon serves as a cosmic push for you to confront these situations head-on.

As you navigate potential triggers related to expansion and empowerment, pay close attention to any tension in your body, energy, and emotions. These sensations are not merely hurdles but valuable lessons pointing towards breakthrough opportunities. Embrace the challenge, for within the tension lies the potential for personal growth and transformative breakthroughs.

Finally, there's a touch of Pluto's influence during this Full Moon, now residing in Aquarius and setting the stage for the next two decades. With the Sun in close proximity and the Moon opposing it, Pluto's presence becomes a transformative force. This celestial giant aids us in healing from the past, offering insights into the cycles, choices, and lessons of our lives. Through this understanding, Pluto empowers us to undergo significant transformations.

Feel the energy of Pluto guiding you in shifting outdated patterns that tether you to pain. Instead of being held back, let these patterns become a source of healing, not just for yourself but also for others. Pluto encourages us to turn our pain into power, breaking free from constraints and embracing what is rightfully ours.

As you engage with Pluto's energy in Aquarius, reflect on what aspects of your life need transformation to reclaim your power. Remember, the Leo Full Moon is urging you to assert your strength. Align with Pluto to transmute anything hindering the realization of your brilliance. While you can't alter your past, you have the power to shape your current reality and carve out the future you desire. Make a conscious decision this Full Moon, align it with your highest truth, and boldly step into the life you're ready to claim. The time for transformation is now.

Leo Full Moon - Release What No Longer Serves You
Leo Full Moon ~ Roar and Release

Roar and Release: Full Moon Liberation in Leo's Radiant Glow

The Full Moon provides us with an opportunity to elevate our vibrations by illuminating the factors that bring them down. With the Moon's assistance, we can identify thoughts, emotions, and even words that hinder us from manifesting the lives we dream of. We are inherently linked to everything we crave, and the reality we aspire to is not only attainable but, in many ways, already within our reach if we're ready to release anything obstructing our path. The Full Moon serves as a moment of heightened awareness, urging us to let go of any energy that obstructs the realization of our visions. Through deliberate effort and focus, we can transform and release energies that no longer serve us, making way for those that resonate with our true selves.

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Love, Light, Much Gratitude ♥️

Pamela Yakelashek

Here is a compilation of release statements tailored to each zodiac rising sign. Keep in mind that these statements are personal and can be adjusted to align with individual experiences and intentions.

Aries Rising:

A Release of Fear and Hesitation: Embracing Joy and Authenticity

I am letting go of all fear and hesitation, and embracing every opportunity to be myself and enjoy life to the fullest. I no longer need the validation or approval of others, and instead, I allow my creativity and passion to flow freely. Doubt no longer hinders my ability to take risks and pursue my heart's desires. I am open to spontaneity and playfulness, and I completely embrace the present moment. I no longer feel attached to the outcome of my creative endeavors, instead, I trust in the process and let my unique talents shine. I am relinquishing the need for control in matters of the heart, and allowing love and romance to unfold naturally. I am excited to embark on a journey of self-discovery and to truly embrace my vibrant and authentic self.

Taurus Rising:

Releasing Outdated Family Patterns to Foster a Loving Home Environment

To promote my highest good, I release any attachments to outdated family patterns. I let go of any resistance to change within my home environment, allowing me to feel secure from within. Any fears or insecurities related to my self-worth and stability are also released. To define my sense of comfort and safety, I no longer need external possessions. I release any stubbornness or resistance preventing me from nurturing both myself and others. I embrace a harmonious and loving home environment that supports my emotional well-being. I release rigidity in my approach to self-care and make room for flexibility and adaptability while building a foundation of love and security within and around me.

Gemini Rising:

Embrace Authentic Self-Expression with Confidence and Creativity

I am fearless in expressing my authentic voice with confidence and creativity. I release all self-doubt that hinders my ability to communicate boldly and passionately. I will no longer shy away from the spotlight and will share my ideas with enthusiasm. I will not fear being judged as too dramatic or attention-seeking in my communication style. I will allow myself moments of quiet reflection without the need for constant intellectual stimulation. I will embrace my natural charisma and leadership abilities in my community. I will take risks in self-expression and allow myself to shine brightly. I am open to confidently expressing myself with authenticity and bringing joy and inspiration to my interactions with others.

Cancer Rising:

Financial Abundance and Growth

I am releasing any emotional attachment to material possessions that no longer serve my growth and well-being. I am letting go of any fear or insecurity related to my self-worth and financial stability. I am freeing myself from the need for external validation to feel valued and important. I am embracing the confidence to express my talents and abilities, knowing that I have unique gifts to share. I am no longer held back by past experiences that may have caused feelings of unworthiness or scarcity. I am open to taking bold and creative approaches to managing my resources. I understand that cultivating inner strength and confidence is just as important as seeking external means of security. I am ready to embrace a sense of abundance and self-worth that comes from within, allowing my creativity and talents to shine in my material and financial pursuits.

Leo Rising:

Releasing Fear and Embracing Authenticity

I am letting go of my fear of not constantly being in the spotlight. My worth is not defined solely by external recognition. I am releasing the need for constant admiration and validation from others, and feeling confident and secure in myself. I will no longer suppress my authentic self-expression for fear of being perceived as too bold or dramatic. I am letting go of any fear of taking risks and shining brightly in all areas of my life. I am embracing my unique talents and creative abilities. I am detaching myself from a fixed idea of how I should present myself to the world, allowing my authenticity to shine through. I am releasing any fear of being seen as too self-centered, and opening myself to the joy of self-expression. I am confident and authentic, and my radiant light positively impacts those around me.

Virgo Rising:

Releasing Self-Criticism and Embracing Creativity and Self-Expression

During moments of introspection, I release any inclination to overanalyze and criticize myself. I acknowledge that my spiritual growth and self-compassion may be impeded by my perfectionist tendencies. Therefore, I let go of these tendencies and embrace the beauty of my imperfections. Instead of being afraid of being seen as less than perfect, I accept my uniqueness and find joy in my personal expressions. I acknowledge that vulnerability and self-disclosure may be frightening, but I let go of any fears related to them. I am confident in sharing my inner light with others. I trust myself and my abilities. I release self-doubt that may prevent me from connecting with the deeper aspects of my being. Instead, I am open to exploring the depths of my inner world with love, compassion, and creative self-expression. I am no longer hesitant to share my creative and spiritual gifts with the world; instead, I embrace the opportunity to do so.

Libra Rising:

Letting Go of Social Fears and Embracing Individuality

I am no longer afraid of being judged or criticized by my social circles. Instead, I embrace my individuality within the collective and let go of the need for constant approval and harmony in my friendships. By doing so, I allow authentic connections to thrive. I am not hesitant to stand out and be a leader in my community, as I recognize the value of my creative contributions. I no longer fear not being liked or accepted for expressing my true self, nor do I have any attachment to people-pleasing tendencies that may hinder the growth of genuine connections. I am eager to share my creative talents and aspirations with my peers and am open to confidently expressing my individuality within my social circles. Thus, I cultivate authentic connections and embrace the joy of collective creativity.

Scorpio Rising:

A Declaration of Fearlessness and Authenticity in Professional and Public Life

I am not afraid to reveal my true self without fear of judgment, both in my professional and public life. I am open to collaboration and transparency, and I refuse to be secretive or controlling. I will no longer be intimidated by power dynamics in the workplace, and I will embrace my leadership abilities with confidence and authenticity. I accept that past setbacks and perceived failures are necessary steps in my growth, and I will not let them hold me back. I will showcase my unique creative talents and individuality in my professional pursuits, unafraid to expose my true passions and ambitions to the world. With self-assurance and authenticity, I will achieve success aligned with my true self.

Sagittarius Rising:

Embrace New Perspectives and Live Life Fully

I am not afraid to step out of my comfort zone and welcome new ideas with open arms. My confidence and bravery allow me to express my beliefs in a creative and inspiring manner without hesitation. I am not bound by rigid ideologies that may hinder my personal growth, and I am not afraid to be seen as unique or flamboyant in my pursuit of knowledge. I am eager to share my enthusiasm and optimism with the world and I am willing to take bold risks in my journey towards self-discovery. I am open-minded and accepting of diversity, and I am committed to living life to the fullest with authenticity.

Capricorn Rising:

Embracing Vulnerability in Intimate Relationship

To nurture deeper connections with others, I choose to let go of my fear of vulnerability. My control issues and rigidity around shared resources and intimacy no longer hold me back. I confidently express my passions and desires without fear of judgment. By releasing the emotional wounds of my past, I allow healing and transformation to take place within me. My authentic self is no longer hidden, and I share it freely in my partnerships. I am unafraid of being perceived as dramatic or attention-seeking in matters of intimacy. I embrace the process of transformation, trust in it and am open to new experiences with my loved ones.

Aquarius Rising:

Honoring Individuality in Close Relationships

I choose to let go of any fears associated with expressing my individuality within my close relationships. This includes allowing both myself and my partner to shine as unique individuals. I am open and receptive to sharing my creativity and passion with my significant others, and I am not afraid of being perceived as too independent or unconventional in partnerships. Rather than adhering to rigid ideas of what a relationship should be, I embrace the freedom for both myself and my partner to express our true selves. I am confident in taking center stage in my relationships and expressing my desires and needs without hesitation. I release any concerns about standing out in my partnerships and allow the authenticity of my connections to flourish. Ultimately, I am committed to cultivating relationships that celebrate and honor both my own uniqueness and that of my partner.

Pisces Rising:

Embracing Radiance: A Journey to Infuse Passion and Creativity into Everyday Work and Service

I release any fear inhibiting the expression of my creative and imaginative self in my daily work and routines. I relinquish any tendencies to be excessively self-sacrificing or overly critical of my abilities. I let go of my attachment to perfectionism, welcoming the beauty of imperfection and the opportunities for growth it brings. I am confident in expressing my creativity and imagination in my daily tasks.I am open to embracing the creative dimensions of my daily life, infusing passion and authenticity into my work. I find joy in the service I provide to others, knowing that my authenticity adds value to the lives of those I interact with.


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